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Hyderabad has become a major healthcare hub in India. Sunrise Hospitals emerged as the Best Multi Speciality Hospital in Shamshabad. Sunrise Hospitals is a multi-specialty hospital that has a wide assortment of specialty services under one roof. Sunrise Hospitals has well-experienced and skilled doctors in all the departments.


General Medicine

General medicine is a department that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Here general physician treats all acute and chronic diseases such as fever, asthma, and heart diseases.



Orthopedics is a branch that deals with the musculoskeletal system which is the bones and muscles of the body. Orthopedics treats the conditions related to joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. In Sunrise Hospitals we have well-experienced orthopaedists who already have a highly successful client base. Here we provide procedures like Knee replacement, CL Surgery, Hip replacement, Joint fusion, and shoulder replacement.



Sunrise Hospitals have the most experienced and skilled neurosurgeons on board with high professional experience in treating diseases related to the spine, brain, and central nervous system. Our expert neurosurgeons are skilled at removing cysts from the brain and also treat spinal trauma, blocked arteries, chronic low back pain, brain tumors, etc.



Urology is the department that deals with the urology section in both males and females. In Sunrise Hospitals our urology services include treating problems related to the ureters, bladder, prostate, and male reproductive system. Our experts treat all urinary tract infections and perform bloodless and pain-free and uro-oncological surgeries.



Sunrise Hospitals have skilled and well-experienced nephrologists on board. We treat all sorts of kidney disorders and infections including life-threatening conditions. And also we have a dialysis facility for kidney failure and kidney stones patients.



Sunrise Hospital’s wide array of specialties includes Pulmonology too. Our hospital has certified and experienced pulmonologists who treat all sorts of difficulties and complex conditions related to the lungs.

These are just to name a few, Sunrise Hospitals also have critical & trauma care, Intensive care unit, General& Laparoscopic surgery, Cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, Neuro cardiology, and Obstetrics and Gynaecology and more.

Our Doctors

General Medicine
Neuro Surgery
Critical & Trauma Care
General Physician
General Surgeon
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Neuro Surgery
Critical & Trauma Care
General and Laparoscopic, Laser Surgeon
Providing, Quality Healthcare Since 2011

10+ Years of Legacy in health care services

Sunrise Hospitals was commissioned in Hayathnagar, Hyderabad in the year 2011 as a center with enduring value and a mission for concern for the people living around that area. The hospit al has been instrumental in saving many lives and providing quality health care at an affordable price since its inception. The hospital is known for providing services in Neurolog y, Orthopedic and other specializations.


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I'm glad I was able to find the best hospital like this before suffering from kidney failure, and I'd like to thank Sunrise Hospitals for making me feel strong in every way.

I had the best treatment for my ESKD with the most pleasant and comfortable hospitality available, and I'll never hesitate to recommend Sunrise Hospitals for the best nephrology treatment.

We had the best experience with affordable cost in sunrise hospitals for my knee replacement surgery.

We had been suffering from breathing problems for a long time and had almost given up hope. But our hopes for a healthy recovery grew when the Sunrise doctor treated us. Thank you!

My mother told me that the nursing staff got a lovely gesture, they stood by my side during their late-night shifts and kept a solid eye on my health status and everything. Thank you Sunrise! It means a lot to us

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